I live in various places. I grew up in San Francisco and Bolinas.

I am a book critic at the New York Times. (But I'm on leave right now.)

I am also a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine,
and have written for places like The Believer and n+1.

Since 2018 I've had a books newsletter called Read Like the Wind.
I have a store with my husband Teddy.

I co-authored a book called D C-T! which came out in 2018
from Penguin Press. It is co-written with Joana Avillez.

In my spare time I make art projects, play ping-pong, frolic
in the ocean, garden, and attempt to make crossword puzzles.
Here is one of them.

Email: mollybethyoung@gmail.com
(I'm not very good with email but I try)
Instant-gram: @mollybethyoung
Blog: @mollyyoung

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