In a previous life I led a creative team at Warby Parker, helping to
build and scale the brand over the course of six years.

I have worked on branding projects for clients ranging from
LVMH to Nike to Google to Patagonia.

I have also written and directed ads.

I no longer take on branding jobs. There are rare exceptions if
the project is mind-blowingly interesting or cool.

You can always try your luck by emailing me.

My partner Teddy Blanks and I run Young Blanks, a design store.
Our app hit #1 on the iTunes store and our work has been featured
in places like The New Yorker and Fast Company.

With McKenna Kemp I launched a paper goods product that sold
out after it was featured in Oprah's magazine. (Thanks, O.)

I've also written and/or directed ads for Sandwich Video and other

Reach out (and I'll be there): molly beth young @

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