Here are some of my favorite pieces.

How Disgust Explains Everything
A can of mushrooms may house fewer than 20 maggots.

Empire of Dust
This is what lifestyle gurus do.

Garbage Language
We're gonna have to banana boat the marketing budget.

Yoga for Everyone
Can Adriene Mishler change the way we use the internet?

The Picasso of Puberty
Big Nipple Energy.

Is Staying In the New Going Out?
We still have fun--probably?--we just have no clue how it happened.

A Serious Man
Jonah Hill has an evil backhand, but his forehand is unreliable.

Tiny Spaces
No one will hear my screams.

How Does Paul Rudd Work?
Goddamn perfectly if you ask me.

Sweatpants in Paradise
Weed. One-armed pushups. Nice girls who like stuff.

Kneipp Herbal Bath Oils
Nudity. Quackery. Sorcery.

Kickstart My Heart
Come for the subculture. Stay for the drugs.

On Frederick Seidel
Is this horrifying? Or is this funny?

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