Hambone was an online store founded in 2014 in collaboration with the
artists Daniele Frazier and Trenton Duerksen.

Located at www.hambone.biz, the store featured original products that
appeared often and without warning, usually in editions of 10 or 20.

Hambone generated billions of dollars in revenue in a short time period
before dying. Below is a sample platter of products.


Exercise is hell. This original Trenton Duerksen illustration depicts a
wretched chump sweating out the toxins while being chased by the grim
reaper. Wear the JUST DO IT tee to visit the doctor or wow a first date. $25


Life is a bitter aspic.
We are not at the centre of a diamond.

A lawyer by day, Stevens was one of our American greats, offering
poems that were afflicted by doubt, dogged by a mournful conscience,
and spit-polished with Yankee austerity. This Hambone original
features a jellied aspic beneath Stevens' wintry words. $25

Color: Pea Soup.


Born lucky? Good for you. Need all the help you can get? The WINNER'S
CIRCLE CHARM NECKLACE is 3-D printed in ABS plastic around a
glistening new penny. Rub coin as needed for good fortune.

3-D printed charm on a 16 1/2-inch copper-plated chain (to match penny)
with spring ring clasp. Built from the same material used for LEGO blocks. $10

Color: Marshmallow.


Celebrate your uniqueness with a Hambone original. The BE YOURSELF
tee features a merry pervert making his way through the world. $25


Jonesing for a cancer stick? Got a kraving for kush? Here, this should help.

The SMOKING SECTION party pack features a medley of filthy vices: knobs
of crystalline cannabis, candy cigarettes, a gummy pipe, bubblegum cigars and
sticky nugs of mary jane.

Give it to a friend who's trying to cut down, or linger near a schoolyard and
pass out to young children. Gotta get 'em hooked early! $7

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