May 2017
This is what lifestyle gurus do.

May 2017
Monogram does Playboy-style interviews with gals and here's mine.

May 2017
I talked to The Caret about my gadgets and internet habits. (The SFW ones.)

April 2017
6sqft visited our apartment and it was fun. Come in!

March 2017
Molly: "Turn me into a glistening sultry pomegranate seed of a woman."
Datura: "We can do that."

(The womenfolk of Datura came over and draped me in fine linens and silks.
Very nice of them.)

February 2017
A picture of Joana with the book that we have birthéd and will soon(ish)
share with the world at large!

January 2017
In the history of humanity, the vast spectrum of private weirdness has
never been so public. Here's what I think about THAT.

January 2017
Just another Jewish peddler in the New World, grasping at the seeds
of mobility! Here I am at the Canal Street Market, where you can
now purchase the Periodic Table of NYC Trash.

November 2016
I published a crossword in the New York Times. Here's a copy for your
solving plezh.

November 2016
New York Magazine featured our Periodic Table of NYC Trash poster in its
holiday gift guide. Neat!

November 2016
Sotheby's wrote a nice little piece about the Old Master emoji. Read it to
find out which emoji is most beloved by their head of auction sales.

November 2016
Our Periodic Table of NYC Trash poster is now available on Etsy, for easy
purchasing and holiday gifting. Enjoy!

October 2016
Hyperallergic claimed that our stickers are better than Cindy Sherman's
. Look, I'm not taking a side here. You be the judge.

October 2016
Mentally, Bridget Jones is a teenager. Maybe a tween. I reviewed the new
for the New York Times Book Review.

October 2016
National Art Critic Ben Davis at Artnet wrote a very nice post about the lurid
backstory of our Old Masters sticker pack. Take a gander, why dontcha.

October 2016
Another iOs sticker pack by Molly Young and Teddy Blanks? How many sticker
packs does one woman NEED? The answer is: precisely two. Our second pack
includes 30 stickers for injecting flair into SMS exchanges.

Buy it at the app store for 99 cents.

October 2016
A picture is worth a thousand words. A thousand words is hard to type with your
thumbs. We made an iOs sticker pack of historical emojis to solve this problem.

The Wall Street Journal called it their "new favorite iOs sticker pack" and it is
available for 99 cents on the app store. Go on, snatch it!

September 2016
My partner and I collaborated on a post about all of our smelly, unlikable friends
for the New Yorker website. It's nasty, brutish, and short.

Posters are available here.

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