August 2016
This month, my partner-in-art Derek Brahney and I photographed portraits
of people yawning for an upcoming secret project called...Y A W N.
Stay tuned for more.

August 2016
Pimples and John Milton jokes and teen girls and fiber-rich bread. And more,
in this review of Nina Stibbe's novel in the New York Times Book Review.

August 2016
Today's Jonah Hill seems like someone who might do yoga, or drink green
tea, or practice Transcendental Meditation. Maybe it is just the residue of
his youth in California. Maybe "centeredness" is just Los Angeles leaving
the body.

More, in a profile of the actor for the New York Times Magazine.

July 2016
T Magazine included our trash poster in their "Five Things T Editors Are Really
Into Right Now
". I am...really into it.

July 2016
Fast Company wrote a nice little ditty about the print I made with Teddy Blanks.
Read it here, and then snatch a print for yourself.

June 2016
Teddy Blanks and I collaborated on a poster called the PERIODIC TABLE OF NYC TRASH.
It's a scientific array of the world's finest waste, and it has been officially endorsed by
Will Shortz! Would you like one? You can have one.

May 2016
Mysteries that have haunted me throughout my adult years include the
popularity of yoga pants as daywear, the fact that Internet service in
America is run by a cartel, health care in general and French people.
More on this, in my column for the New York Times Book Review.)

May 2016
Is there a sexual component to this urge toward snugness? Obviously.
(I wrote about tiny spaces for the New York Times Magazine.)

April 2016
Is staying in the new going out? Are we not men? Are we
Devo? (I wrote about hunkering for T Magazine.)

March 2016
Entire industries exist to subdue the horror of having a body.
Read about them in this month's Help Desk column, for the
New York Times Book Review.

February 2016
The wonderful womenfolk at GAL spent the morning at my apartment.
We discussed a variety of topics including storage containers and
why you should brush your pet in a circular motion. Also, books.
Read all about it.

January 2016
This week you can hear me talkin' books on the New York Times Book
podcast. Also covered: iPhones, bad habits and fez hats.
Here it is on iTunes (the episode released 1/28/2016).

I thought for sure they would cut the part about the fez, but no.

January 2016
I had the pleasure of moderating a panel with Marie Kondo at the
Japan Society here in New York. Would you like to watch it?
You CAN!

January 2016
I gotta say, I'm really pleased the following blurb got picked up.
(If you missed the column, here it is.)

December 2015
Muji is like Burning Man. I'm so pleasantly overwhelmed that I can only
stumble around and take it all in. Join me in this week's Critical Shopper.

December 2015
Sex noises! Management scholarship! The self-help equivalent of a
Weird Al parody song! All this and more in my column in this week's
New York Times Book Review.

November 2015
A girl could croak trying to get it right! In this week's Critical Shopper,
your faithful writer tackles the problem of workwear. (Oy!)

November 2015
I'm in business, baby. My friend McKenna and I launched our new
project: a high-concept hostess gift / advanced flirtation technique /
Steve Martin homage called Compliments Of.

Learn more about this high-concept, low-risk magic charm and buy
your own pack for $16. Whatta steal!

October 2015
No gender norms, please-- we're Italian. For this week's Critical Shopper,
I lose it at Givenchy

October 2015
I am pleased as punch to announce that I'll be writing a column for
the New York Times Book Review about self-help. Will you join me
on this quest for perfection?

The first specimen is up now. It grapples with risk, rectal concealments,
and Richard Branson. Amongst other topics.

Don't miss the very kind introduction by John Williams.

September 2015
"You look insane," a salesman said.

This was correct.

July 2015
In America, we take an iterative approach to software development,
political campaigning and digital marketing. Koreans take an
iterative approach to beauty. There is always a new body part
to refine, a new animal secretion to apply topically.

July 2015
Annie Liontas wrote a novel. It is lively as fuck and I reviewed
it for the New York Times

July 2015
For a fella whose name rhymes with "small thud", Paul Rudd
sure makes a BIG SPLASH! Narf. I profiled the actor for the
New York Times Magazine.

June 2015
This is the opposite of a lifestyle brand. This is "throw
everything at the wall and see what sticks." This is what
Wikipedia would look like if it were a store

June 2015
After years of rejection at the hands of Will Shortz, I got a
crossword published in the New York Times. Was it exciting?
Yes. Did I get so overwhelmed that I had to go home sick
midway through the workday? Hell yes!

It ain't available unless you subscribe to the paper, but maybe
if you email and ask me real nice, I'll send it to you...

May 2015
Texting the old-fashioned way: yes please.

April 2015
Nude floating! Linen underwear! Danville! The other Danville!
Some Lloyd Blankfein shading, for good measure!

You like those things? Then my Letter of Recommendation
is a love letter to you.

April 2015
This week's Critical Shopper: fine. leather. goods.

April 2015
Out now: a cover story for Lucky on Suki Waterhouse, who is
bubbly and enjoys eating parsnips. (Good girl.)

March 2015
This week's Critical Shopper column: the dress was an
awkward length. Then again, so am I.


March 2015
This week's Critical Shopper column: clothes to cherish
(and fondle!)
in Bed Stuy.


February 2015
This week's Critical Shopper column: Hayden Panettiere
loves Rebecca Minkoff. So does Britney Spears. Do I?
Read on.


February 2015
Don't leave small piles of change around the house.
It is disrespectful.


January 2015
Please join me on a journey to Little Pantytown in this week's
installment of Critical Shopper
, for the New York Times.


January 2015
Molly be shoppin'! I wrote a Critical Shopper column for
the New York Times about Tomas Maier's shiny new offering.


December 2014
I cowrote/co-directed another ad for Warby Parker.
Loads of fun! Have a look-see.


November 2014
I wrote a short post about what happens when your work
husband leaves you
. (Bad things.)


September 2014
I profiled the effervescent Karlie Kloss in a cover story for Lucky.
The paparazzi was on her tail and snapped some pictures of us.
Looks like I picked the wrong day to go without a bra.


September 2014
Those freaks who walk among us, clipping their nails on the
subway. For New York magazine.


September 2014
Work hard, play hard, and think about polar bears: I wrote about
Quvenzhane Wallis for the New York Times Magazine.


September 2014
I co-directed an ad for Warby Parker. What fun! Watch it here.


July 27, 2014
A review of A.L. Kennedy's new book, for the New York Times.


July 14, 2014
Look at my bouquet of roses. Fucking look at it!

A post about sexy Russians with peculiar amounts
of flowers
, for The Cut.


June 3, 2014
Girls rule. Hernias drool. A profile of Sophia Amoruso,
Nasty Gal's 30 year-old CEO and founder, for New York.


April 25 2014
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Did I play
Monopoly with John Oliver? (I did! I did!)


April 21 2014
Want to meet the Alpha Girl of Instagram? I wrote about
her for New York magazine. Rah rah!


March 19 2014
Loud patterns hide bloodstains. (And other rules for
dressing like a Cold War spy, for Into the Gloss)


March 10 2014
The men of San Francisco have no style. Here's why,
and why they're right not to. (For New York magazine.)


March 6 2014
I wrote a lil' thing about sleep and iPhones, for the
New York Times.


December 25 2013
I wrote the January cover story for Elle magazine.
Not online yet, but perhaps one day it will be...


December 17 2013
I saw American Hustle and curled the hell out of my hairs
in a post for Into the Gloss.


December 8 2013
You know those stories on the back page of the New York
magazine? I wrote one. It's about an amazing dog
that died.

Kidding. It's about management and nipples. Read it here.


December 6 2013
Max Chafkin and Burt Helm were nice enough to have me on
their podcast, The Rewrite. You can find my episode here
and on iTunes.

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