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For the New York Times
Empire of Dust
Escape Rooms Are Life
3D Lips on Forehead
Jonah Hill is a Serious Man
Tiny Spaces
Is Staying In the New Going Out?
How Does Paul Rudd Work?
On Quacks and Baths
The Calorie-Packed Perk
I Guess I'll Manage
Quvenzhane Wallis

For New York magazine
Be Bossy: Sophia Amoruso
High Maintenance
Flower Queens of Instagram
The Alpha Girl of Instagram
The Stubborn Uncoolness of San Francisco Style
On David Karp and Tumblr
Playing Monopoly with John Oliver
Sienna Miller's Dreams
Amy Schumer
Susan Miller, Celebrity Astrologer
He & He & He
The J in J.Crew
The Ugliness Penalty
Miss America, Teenage Grizzly
The Smelliest Block in New York
A Lifetime at the Ansonia
On Work Husbands (for The Cut)

New York Times: Critical Shopper
All Critical Shopper columns can be found right here.

For the New York Times Book Review
French sex addict
Early Work
Asking for a Friend
Cool Project, Bro
Bridget Jones's Baby
Paradise Lodge
Resistance is Futile
Risky Business
Let Me Explain You
Love is Strange

For n+1
Kickstart my Heart
Fake Food Triptych
Christmas in Havana
Fashion Week
Technicolor Dreampubes (On Playboy)
On Philip Roth, Penelope Cruz, boobs and books

For the Poetry Foundation
Good Poems About Ugly Things
On Charles Bukowski

For GQ
St.Vincent and the Art of Never Being Boring
Versace Versace Versace Versace
Leading Mannequins
Riccardo Tisci
Michael Fassbender, Man of the Year

For WSJ Magazine
The Discreet Charm of Tomas Maier

Kim Kardashian West
Zac Efron profile
I Was A Rainbow
Outward Bound

For The Believer
Sweatpants in Paradise

For The Economist online (selected…)
Speak Softly and Wear Big Sunglasses
Why Does Everyone Like This Film?
A Winning Creep
Of mouseburgers and men
Philip Roth’s Lemon
Sadder than Fiction
An Unsung Classic A French Souffle
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